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Oil Rock Energy, Inc. - Company Profile

Oil Rock Energy Inc. is a privately held independent oil and natural gas company, licensed and bonded as an oil and natural gas operator in the State of Texas.

Who We Are:

Oil Rock is engaged in the generation, mineral and leasehold participation, purchasing, acquisition of, exploring, developing, and operating of producing oil and natural gas properties primarily in its core operating area of East Texas.

Oil Rock Energy Inc. obtains their capital to secure mineral leaseholds, drill, test, and develop oil and natural gas prospects for its own account and jointly with others for its clients and contractual industry partners. Oil Rock has made efforts to assist participation in its projects has been approved for IRA investments; please contact us for more information about this.

The company makes every reasonable effort to select the highest quality prospects available that meet its criteria and provide growth through participation in successful prospects that can generate revenue through production and high oil and natural gas reserves.

Oil Rock Energy Inc. has developed an extensive network of industry partners, attorneys, professional landmen and title, geologists, and engineers; and professional staff that through these relationships and teamwork provide opportunities for strategic partnerships and company growth. Oil Rock strives for excellence through the teamwork of its networked professionals.

The company’s near-term future goals include the active participation in lease and mineral acquisitions to increase its reserve base, and development drilling including those in cooperative efforts with industry partners. The development of our income stream through production and oil and gas reserves, is how we intend to build strong business relationships, meet the financial needs of our clients, and partners by generating the best returns available, and mutually benefit is all as we move into what appears to be bright outlook for profitability in the future growth of the energy industry.